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Prints finish before they actually are finished

If you search the web, you'll find that there are more people with these problems, where longer prints randomly stop mid-print, they date back a few years from now. Since returning the printer to the ...
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Dual Z Options: Pros and Cons

I'm sharing my experience, I installed the dual Z motor kit and after a bunch of fiddling I'm getting expert quality results. I just want to share my solution if somebody wants to consider doing this ...
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Is a damaged print bed what is causing my prints to fail

If first few layers printed OK, and are still attached to the bed, then the damage that you have indicated in your picture is unlikely to be the cause. If the first few layers printed OK and the print ...
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Is a damaged print bed what is causing my prints to fail

The print managed to print the second time, so this wasn’t the issue.
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Ender 3 v2 won't read or recognize any SD cards

Double check the extension your slicer slapped on is .gcode, and not .gcodeX - where X is a ...
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